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Don’t let cyber crime ruin your holiday!

Holiday Shopping Safety Tips – From Your Friends at 7th Dimension

Before you do anything:

Verify that your computer is up to date with the latest patches and that your antivirus is active. To that end, be wary for any bogus updates. Always make sure you are getting updates directly from the software vendor’s website.

While shopping:

Shop reputable companies with secure sites. Secure sites will have a small lock left of https. Shop hardwired to your private home network instead of wirelessly. Avoid public Wi-Fi when dealing with online purchases.

Limit Risks:

If something looks suspicious don’t click it. Trash strange emails to avoid phishing or viruses. Avoid clicking ads on social media. If it is a website you want to visit, type it in yourself.

You should also regularly clean up your online accounts to delete any extremely sensitive information that can be stored in cloud storage platforms. This way, even if a hacker does obtain your information, the damage is less severe.

Do not reuse passwords. With large data breaches becoming increasingly more frequent, it is imperative that all of your passwords be complex and different.

For security monitoring this holiday season and the new year to come, contact 7th Dimension today!

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